ATM Blessing or Curse?

I congratulate the CBA for coming out and announcing the cancellation of the $2 ATM fee by non-CBA users. It was a rip-off; no question. Withdraw $100 and the banks clip 2% from you. Fortunately, most other banks followed CBA’s lead within the day. But there is a downside …  (more…)

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Federal Budget Summary 2017 – 18

The Hon Scott Morrison MP handed down his second Federal Budget on the 9th of May 2017.

Pleasingly, and unlike last year, superannuation has largely been left alone. The main changes involve allowing people aged 65 and over to downsize their home and gain exemptions from the superannuation caps, and also a ‘First Home Super Saver Scheme’. Both are pretty good ideas.

On the whole though, it is a nothing budget. Certainly, there has been no movement to tackle the growing deficit which is forecast to reach $725 billion by 2025, but in all likelihood will be pushing the $1 trillion mark. The politically expedient option of leaving the debt problem to a future generation continues.

Please note, all the announcements still need to pass through Parliament; until then they can be viewed as merely a statement of intent. In addition, the devil is always in the detail, and the details aren’t yet fully known.


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