We make ourselves available, act professionally
and are 100% committed to our financial planning Clients.


We continually study. We also observe and investigate the world for facts and ideas that can improve the wealth of our financial planning Clients.


The well-being of our financial planning client is always at the forefront in our advice. We operate with the highest standards of integrity.

  • The Avant Financial Difference

    • Receive objective and realistic advice which is free from product provider influence.
    • Work with someone who is dedicated to you and your unique needs.
    • Get results - based on Avant Financials knowledge, experience and determination to recommend the financial products and services that will bring their clients financial success.


      The quality of our service and attention to your individual financial planning requirements can only be fully appreciated by first-hand experience. We hope to be given the opportunity to provide that experience.

  • perth financial advisors

    Avant Financial provides clients with a complete financial planning service for all their individual and business financial planning needs. We offer the experience and sophistication of a large, institutional firm, with a level of attention and client service only a boutique, employee-owned financial planning company can provide.

    We are committed to acting in your best interests and will further your interests as opposed to others. Avant Financial is a Principal Member of the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners (AIOFP).

    We understand that each client has their own unique needs and that by consulting with us they give us their trust and confidence. In return we ensure a full understanding of their position before carefully considering the options available and making any financial planning recommendations.

    We provide following services

    • Financial Planning
    • Retirement Planning
    • Superannuation
    • Self Managed Super Funds
    • Investment advice
    • Centrelink Strategies
    • Corporate Super Funds
    • Business Succession Planning
    • Key Person Insurance
    • Business Wills
    • Life Insurance
    • Income Protection
    • Nursing Home Advice
    • Estate Planning
  • our vision

    To be the leading independent financial planners in Perth for self-funded retirees and those striving for a self-funded retirement.

    our mission

    We aim to be seen as the leading independent thinkers and operators in a conflicted financial world. We focus on our Client’s holistic needs rather than transactions and offer objective, tailored financial advice. We seek to understand what is important to our Clients and then be understood when making recommendations. Above all, we help Clients feel confident about their retirement plans.

    What's in a name ?

    Avant: The name given to the experienced voyageur who paddled at the very front or bow of the canoe. The Avant watched for obstacles and changes in the river and set the pace for the paddling.

    Avant-Garde: A term borrowed from the French signifying the small part of the population of artists and thinkers whose ideas and techniques are in advance of the mainstream. It was originally a military term literally meaning "front guard", to signify the scouts who travelled in front of the army to see what was ahead.

    Avanti: An Italian word meaning 'Forward'.

  • are you a financial planner ?

    If you are considering a change, please make contact as Avant Financial may be the perfect fit for you.