2013 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

client survey pic

Every successful business needs to periodically assess their performance. Avant is no different. We acknowledge that our relationship with our clients is critical to our success and want to get a better understanding of what our clients perceive our strengths and weaknesses to be.

We cherish the feedback we currently receive, such as:

“Thank you very much for your excellent work you are doing for me. It is entirely your credit that we achieved such a good result.” from a client of 10 years,

“I think your timing of moving some more shares into the USA market was great as the currency re-balancing really helped increase the valuation. Thanks once again.” from a client of 5 years and

“Thank you so much for putting me in contact with Chris Cornish earlier this year. Chris worked to help me put my very neglected Superannuation into order which has been greatly appreciated and now that it’s all sorted, very reassuring. Chris was extremely helpful and efficient, always going ‘above and beyond.” from a staff member at one of the corporate super funds we manage.

However to ensure we are on the right path we needed to get a much wider viewpoint, and as we didn’t want any client to be reluctant in making honest suggestions or comments, we made our survey anonymous. You can view the collated responses of our 2013 Anonymous Client Satisfaction Survey here.

The results were on the whole positive, however there is definitely room for improvement and these results will provide us with a benchmark for future years.

Some of the more pleasing comments from the survey were:

“My financial planner was allocated to me when I was using another accountants. However I have been extremely satisfied with the service and his professionalism that I stayed with him when he changed to another company”


“His enthusiasm for knowledge about finances and responsiveness.”

“My advisor does not put the hard sell on & is ethical & honest in his advise.”

“After previous disappointing experiences with another planner I felt that Avant were really interested in my needs and were prepared to give me time. My decision to transfer to Avant has not only proven financially beneficial but I have confidence that they are interested in me as a person and not merely a number”

“He has been extremely helpful in so many ways and given me excellent advice in the past. He makes me feel that I am more than just another client and that he is working for me to get the most out of my investment”.

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