Salary Sacrifice

Save Tax

Salary sacrifice is a tax effective way to increase your superannuation balance. In essence it involves voluntarily sacrificing some of your salary into your superannuation account.

It is very simple to implement; you simply notify your employer that you wish to salary sacrifice x% or $x of your future salary into super and make a salary sacrifice agreement to that effect. There are however some potential negatives to salary sacrificing and things to be mindful of which are listed at the end of this article. (more…)

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Discrepancies in real estate portfolios

Financial Planning is a heavily Government (ASIC) regulated business providing individually personalised advice to clients including protecting and growing their wealth. As a financial planner it appears extremely inequitable to see far bigger transactions occur with far fewer compliance hurdles or disclosures such as direct property investing. A real estate agent does not have to comply with anywhere near the levels of ‘Know your Client’ and is a transaction-based sale rather than a strategy based advice.


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