Changing Insurance Terms & Definitions

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Life insurance in super

It is likely that you know whether you have life insurance through your super fund, and you may even know the amount and the premiums you are paying for the cover. It is highly unlikely though that you have read the latest Product Disclosure Statement and understand the terms and definitions used in ascertaining whether anything will be paid out. More importantly is that with ‘Group Insurance’ these terms and definitions can change.  (more…)

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Insurance In Super?


Most superannuation funds offer life insurance

In fact if you join your employer’s default super fund it is compulsory for a level of life insurance to be provided. Very conveniently for the insurers and super funds, the obligation is for the fund member to ‘opt-out’ if they don’t want the insurance; that is, if you don’t explicitly refuse the cover, you pay for it. That’s why it’s important you read the following…. (more…)

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Trauma Insurance

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Trauma insurance, also known as critical illness cover, provides a lump sum of money if you suffer from a specific illness. It covers you for major events such as cancer, blindness, heart attack and multiple sclerosis. It is different to total and permanent disability cover because you don’t have to be totally and permanently disabled to make a claim. (more…)

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