Services we offer

Whether you set out to create wealth or preserve it, you need the right strategies and the right attention. The advice you seek must adequately reflect your desires and fears. Getting this advice right now, will ensure financial stability later in life. Our services in this area are extensive, backed up by one of Australia’s most modern dealer groups.
The importance of the product is often understated. No matter how old you are, superannuation will form the nucleus of your financial stability in retirement. Some of us may spend half our adult life in retirement, so it is imperative that you structure this product correctly.

Out extensive product range ensures we have access to a fund which is appropriate for you.
Partners in any business are like partners in a marriage. There is always a risk that things may not go to plan. Furthermore, the sudden death of a business partner can have severe consequences for family members, the surviving business partners and the business itself. Avant assists businesses with agreement drafting, funding and the strategic development of succession plans.
Provides financial protection against death, disablement and major illnesses. This type of protection is an important element in financial strategies. Events such as these can have a devastating impact on one’s objectives and security.

It is equally important however that adequate cover is established in an appropriate manner. This ensures correct premium costs and efficient claims settlements.
What is your greatest asset? Your home and its contents? Your car? Your life? Many people insure these assets, yet, all too often they don’t adequately protect what is potentially their greatest asset – their ability to earn an income. By taking out income protection insurance you can protect your greatest asset and avoid putting your family’s lifestyle at risk. It offers protection 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, anywhere in the world.
The advisers at Avant Financial are authorised to discuss direct property as an investment option. Occasionally we are granted special opportunities to participate in developments.
As an individual creates wealth, so too must that individual prepare to protect that wealth, in the event of sudden death. The consequences of a badly drafted will are significantly and costly to all those left behind. Our services in this topic are supported by solicitors, who ensure that what you intend to have happen, has the best chances of success. Issues such as taxation and estate equalistation are critical issues in estate planning.
Clients of Avant are able to seek accounting and taxation advice from our associates, as part of our overall service objectives. Such advice is balanced and well researched.
A close association of Avant Financial provides mortgage services, enabling individuals and businesses to seek out the most appropriate finance package that suits their situation. Experience and thorough research are important elements of this service to our clients.